Techknowledge Open Systems



Technowledge offers wholesale voice, DIDs,SMS,Top-up, Calling Cards and VoIP Routes

What We Do

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Wholesale voice

Wholesale Voice

Technolwedge is partner with one of the largest Wholesale voice provider in the world.



Techknowledge offers International DID to Over 60 Different Countries

SMS Provider

techknowledge Provides SMS API, Bulk SMS at lowest cost and Flexible terms

international calling card

International Top-up

Techknowledge Provides International Top-up to over 150 different Countries thru API

calling card

Calling Cards

Techknowledge Provides Calling cards to over 100 different countries

voip routes

VoIP Routes

Techknowledge Provides 100% Direct CLI Routes and Call Center CLI Routes

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What Our Clients Say

Lets Dial is the Retail customer base telecom company. Purchases wholesale voice Termination, DIDs form Techknowledge.

we are very happy with service provided by Techknowledge open Systems. Very honest and hard working team..
Howard Chavez
Lets Dial PTE LTD