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About Us

Are you looking for a service provider of CLI routes, international CC routes, USA CC routes, and wholesale VOIP termination? Then you are at the right site. We, Techknowledge Open Systems, are the fastest growing service provider for the aforementioned services. We are the ECASA License holder in South Africa with wide & strongest reach in wholesale Voice services. You will be surprised once you connect with us and use our services. A number of multinational companies and thousands of individual users have been using our services.

Our customers are increasing as well as our demand due to below reasons:

We don’t just provide service, we pledge to provide quality. There are hardly any faults in our packages.

Benefits are many times more than the charges you will pay us.

Your business will save thousands of dollars instead you will pay just some of that.

We don’t let our customers face any issues. There is an expert inbuilt team stationed at the backend.

We prioritize safety the most. Both you and your customers are safe while using our services.

We are a diverse virtual service provider company with the motto to be the fastest virtual service provider in the near future. This company promotes diversity and equality in the workplace. Also, our activities promote environmental wellness. We are a social-friendly organization which is always at the service of the people.
Our customers have always written positive reviews about us. Reviews could contain a new issue but still, at the end of the day due to our excellent support team we convert it into a positive one. Because we put effort into providing you with the best quality. Any customer complaint or rating is taken under consideration instantly and is solved within just a few moments. That’s why we are the best in customer experience.
You can use our wholesale VOIP termination service for your company without any doubt. Because our service is fast enough, disruption-free and smooth. This works timely and your customers will have the best experience you can expect. We have an international CC routes service too. Overall, we are a complete package of services to ensure the best communication system for your company.

Our engineers are extremely experts and they are the world’s best from the reputed universities in the world with real-life experience. They are always at their desk to solve problems for you. Most importantly, all of these will save thousands of dollars for you.

We integrate the latest technology into our APIs faster than any other service provider. Not to mention , our engineers are innovative and our organization promotes innovation. Thus we can give something extra to our customers. Also, we work in combination with our clients so that their issues can be understood first. Then we implement the solutions and thus we have been the fastest-growing service provider.
We are not just some version of any other company. We are unique as we have grown on our own ideas. Our policy is to abide by all the rules and not to violate any law.

Techknowledge Specializes

Techknowledge Specializes in Wholesale voice termination, Retail calling card Traffic, Telecom hubbing, Electronic distribution, GSM service provider, Retail web sales and Providing Telecom solutions.

Techknowledge Open Systems intend to provide wholesale international voice termination,DIDs, wholesale VoIP, International Calling Cards, SMS and International Top-up to local telcos, retailers, and international calling cards services to SA and African  consumers. Through hosted VoIP switches and Session Border Controllers at strategic locations within SA and international IP connections to their nodes in other countries. Techknowledge will offer competitive rates for international voice calls. The company intend to focus on the provision of least cost routing via their existing international network of VoIP nodes and interconnects with telcos in various countries globally.

Mission Statement:

To acquire the business of all the major telecoms operators by providing a service which surpasses current offerings in Africa and Middle east in terms of quality, reliability, flexibility and affordability, underpinned by greater levels of innovation, customer service and support.Vision:

The vision of Techknowledge is to become a major player and Wholesale VoIP and Calling Card service provider of choice in the wholesale voice services market, particularly with regards to the International market.

Wholesale Voice Termination provider

Techknowledge Open Systems Specialize in VoIP Service, International Top-up, Calling Card Platform