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We are one of the largest provider of Wholesale Voice Service, calls any where in the world with our services, either with your access numbers or with VoIP dialers both the ways you can save over 90% on your current phone bills. Connect with Tech Open System and start making calls to anyone anywhere in the word.

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Wholesale voice service with many decades of experience. We know that customers need reliable, flexible and responsive technical support to maintain their systems and provide high-quality service to their clients. Our qualified and certified engineers are available to address any technical problems that our customers may have. We also offer quality assurance, alert systems, and real-time monitoring.


Our goal is to provide personalized support throughout the customer's entire life cycle. Each customer is assigned a personal company manager to help them negotiate and meet all their needs as soon as possible. They make every effort to establish relationships with customers and provide highly personal communication channels to address and resolve any issues.


Partner with one of the Largest Wholesale voice Provider in the world

Experience Skills

Experienced management team. Combined experience over 50 years in Telecom

Expert Engineers

Group of Experience Engineers from India, China, Bangladesh, Africa and Pakistan

Low Cost

Save over 10% compare to all the other Wholesale Voice Termination Providers

Guarantee Services

100% Money Back Guarantee on Service Provided on Hardware provided

Trusted Work

Over Thousand Trusted Telecom Partners Depends on Techknowledge Open Systems

High Quality

Highest level Quality, Lowest Rates, High Volume With Techknowledge Open Systems


Partner with one of the Largest Wholesale Voice Provider in the world

Wholesale VoIP solutions to meet the demanding needs of today's telecommunications customers. High quality VoIP terminations. A to Z termination Low Calling Rates, Go Live in 10 mins with 24/7 support solutions with our experts.